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Kimberly McKeirnan

Kimberly McKeirnan
Associate Professor, Pharmacotherapy 509-358-7720 HSB 210M Spokane


Doctor of Pharmacy, Washington State University

Bachelor of Science in general biology, Washington State University


Licensed pharmacist and preceptor in Washington

Fellowships & Additional Training

  • Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
  • National Association of Chain Drug Stores Faculty Scholar 2015-2016
  • APhA Certified Immunizer and Immunization Trainer
  • APhA Certified in Travel Medicine


Instructor of record for the following courses:
Pharmacy 530: Point-of-Care and Clinical Services
Pharmacy 531: APC II: Clinical Assessment & Documentation
Pharmacy 541: APC III: Medication Therapy Management

Advisor for the Student National Pharmaceutical Association


My research focuses on increasing patient access to quality care through expanding community pharmacy practice.

Additional Information

My background is in community pharmacy practice.

Selected Publications

Terriff CM, McKeirnan KC. Training Student Pharmacists to Administer Emergency Pediatric Influenza Vaccine: A Comparison of Traditional vs. Just-In-Time Training. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning. Curr Pharm Teach Learn. 2017 July; 9(4):560-567.

Akers JA, Panther SG, McKeirnan KC, Woodard LJ. A theoretic comparison of JNC 7 and the 2014 Guidelines for high blood pressure initial therapy recommendations based on community health screening event results. Public Health. March 2017; 144:122–124.

McKeirnan KC., Akers JM., Czapinski JC., Robinson JD. Implementation of a Course to Train Student Pharmacists to Provide Clinical Patient Care Services using Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreements. Am J Pharm Educ. 2017 Mar 25;81(2):31.

Terriff CM, Costanigro LT, McKeirnan KC, Hoeben BJ. Book eChapter 10: Clinical Management of Potential Bioterrorism-related Conditions. Pharmacotherapy: a pathophysiologic approach. Editor: Dipiro JT. New York: McGraw-Hill Medical; 2017.

McKeirnan, K., Frazier, K., Bertsch, T. Common Perceptions of US Pharmacists; the Paradigm Shift. AACP Pharmacy Practice Section Winter Newsletter 2017.

McKeirnan, KC. “Factors Influencing the Decision to Receive an Influenza Vaccination Among Manufacturing Plant and Day Care Center Employees” Workplace Health Saf 2016 May;64(5):228.

Clark JA, Gates BJ, McKeirnan K, Sclar DA. Assessed value of consultant pharmacist services in home health care agency. Consult Pharm 2016;31(3):161-167.

McKeirnan K, Panther S, Akers J. Redesigning the Traditional Community Health Screening Model to Provide Blood Glucose Screening and Interdisciplinary Health Education to Faculty and Staff in K-12 Institutions. Clinical Diabetes, October 2015; 33(4).

Frederick, Jim, and Kimberly C. McKeirnan. “Special Report: Careers in Pharmacy Student Guidebook Fall 2015.” Drug Store News Fall 2015: 24-25. Print.

McKeirnan, KC. Precepting in the Third World. Washington Pharmacy. 2014;57 (3):8


Panther SG, McKeirnan KC, Colorafi K. Assessing pneumococcal vaccination accessibility in under-vaccinated rural counties. American Academy of Pediatrics Third National Ambulatory Primary Care Research and Education Conference on Patient Safety, Bethesda, MD. February 2017.

McKeirnan KC, Panther SG, Akers JM. (2017) PharmTalk Innovations in Immunization: Learning how to Teach Students about HPV. APhA Annual Meeting 2017, San Francisco, CA. March 2017.

McKeirnan KC. Robinson JD. (2016) Training Pharmacists of Tomorrow to Provide Innovative Clinical Patient Care Services. NMA AACP Interim Meeting 2016, Tampa, FL. February 2016.

“Implementation of Interprofessional Student Community Health Screenings.” McKeirnan KC, Panther SG, Akers JM. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting, Grapevine, TX, July 2014.


“Building the Prototype of a Regional System that will Increase Access to Quality Patient Care through Medication Optimization in Rural Eastern Washington State,” McKeirnan KC (Primary Investigator), Woodard LJ, Garrelts MacLean L. Better Health Together, $323,003 awarded. January 2016 – May 2018.

“Idaho Pharmacy Technician Training Pilot Project,” McKeirnan KC (Primary Investigator), Frazier KR, Garrelts-MacLean L. Albertsons Companies, LLC. $5,847 awarded. December 2016 – May 2017.

“Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates in Older Adults Through Enhanced Academic Detailing: Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy Partnerships,” Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning & Change: $260,806, 6/2/15. McKeirnan KC, Panther SG, Caines K, Potyk D. Pharmacotherapy, College of Pharmacy. Funded August 2015, ongoing.

“Pharmacist, Physician, and Patient Opinions Regarding Creation of Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreements Allowing Community Pharmacists to Identify and Treat Minor Ailments and Conditions.” McKeirnan K, Garrelts-MacLean L, Levien T. NACDSF Faculty Scholars Program Collaboration with University of Pittsburg. $2500 funded.


  • 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year for the second-year pharmacy students
  • 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year for the second-year pharmacy students
  • 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year for the second-year pharmacy students
  • 2014 Golden Apple Award Winner, University of Washington MEDEX Program

updated 7/12/2017