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George Tabatadze

George Tabatadze
Associate Professor, USTUR 509-943-9902 Suite 201 Richland


  • PhD in Applied Physics (Health Physics), Idaho State University
  • Master of Sciences in Health Physics (Medical Physics), University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics and Computer Science, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Research Interests

United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries (USTUR)

  • Measurement of actinides (plutonium, americium, uranium) in a human body
  • Radiation transport modeling in support of internal and external dosimetry applications
  • Digital autoradiography: radionuclide micro-scale distribution in organs and tissues


  • Health Physics Society Fellowship, Richard J. Burk, Jr. Fellowship award, 2010


  • Center for Advanced Energy Studies Affiliate, 2013 – 2014

Selected Publications

Dumit S, Breustedt B, Avtandilashvili M, McComish SL, Strom DJ, Tabatadze G, Tolmachev SY. Response to the Letter to the Editor, ‘Comments on “Improved modeling of plutonium-DTPA decorporation,” (Radiat Res 2019; 191:201-10) by Gremy and Miccoli’. Radiation Research 192: 682-683; 2019.

Dumit S, Avtandilashvili M, McComish SL, Strom DJ, Tabatadze G, Tolmachev SY. Validation of a system of models for plutonium decorporation therapy. Radiation and Environmental Biophysics 58: 227-235; 2019

Dumit S, Avtandilashvili M, Strom DJ, McComish SL, Tabatadze G, Tolmachev SY. Improved modeling of plutonium-DTPA decorporation. Radiation Research 191: 201-210; 2019.

Tabatadze G, Miller BW, Tolmachev SY. Mapping 241Am spatial distribution within anatomical bone structures using digital autoradiography. Health Physics 117: 179-186; 2019.

Khalaf M, Brey RR, Harris JT, Derryberry D, Tabatadze G. Monte Carlo Simulation of In-Vivo Measurement of the Most Suitable Knee Position for the Optimal Measurement of Activity. Health Physics, 104(4):405-412, 2013.

Tabatadze G., Brey RR, Kramer GH, Capello K, Meldrum DJ. Re-evaluation of 241Am Content in the USTUR Case 0102 Leg Phantom. Health Physics, 104(1):1-8, 2013.