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Darrell Jackson

Darrell Jackson
Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences 509-368-6542 PBS 427 Spokane

Selected Publications

Beske, P.H. and Jackson, D.A. (2012) Oxygen-glucose deprivation promoted increase in tyrosine phosphorylation of the NMDAR NR2A subunit in retinoic acid differentiated SH-SY5Y cells is mediated by NADPH oxidase. (Journal of Molecular Signaling)

Beske P., H., Byrnes N., Astruc-Diaz, F., and Jackson, D.A. (2015). Identification of NADPH oxidase as a key mediator in the post-ischemia-induced sequestration and degradation of the GluA2 AMPA receptor subunit. Journal of Neurochemistry Chemistry, 132 (5): 504-19.

Jackson, DA, Beske PH, Byrnes NM, Astruc-Diaz F (2018). The post-ischemic increase in GluA2 Ser880 phosphorylation involves NADPH Oxidase. Journal of Pharmaceutics and Therapeutics.