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Mark Lange

Ph.D. 1995, University of Munich, Germany
Mark Lange
Director & Professor (IBC) Director of the M.J. Murdock Metabolomics Laboratory Service Center 509-335-3412 Plant Sciences Building 101E 1772 NE Stadium Way

Lange Laboratory Website

Research Interests

The Lange laboratory investigates plant specialized metabolism at multiple levels, including gene discovery, evolution of function, regulation of gene expression, enzyme characterization, and metabolic flux analysis.  We are particularly interested in understanding metabolism in specialized anatomical structures and cell types (such as those associated with glandular trichomes and resin ducts), which are responsible for the accumulation of essential oils, oleoresins, and pharmaceutically relevant natural products.


Current projects:
Metabolism in specialized anatomical structures and tissues

  • p-Menthane pathway in mint
  • Aroma volatile biosynthesis in cannabis

Enzyme structure-function analyses

  • Terpene synthases
  • Terpene hydroxylases
  • Terpenoid dehydrogenases
  • Terpenoid reductases

Applied research

  • Metabolic engineering of the pathway leading to the anticancer diterpenoid taxol®
  • Mint varietal improvement through breeding (specialty oils)

Enabling technologies for metabolism research

  • Targeted analysis of specialized metabolites, including structure elucidation
  • Non-targeted analysis of metabolites from plant, microbial and animal matrices
  • Metabolite imaging